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Permit Number: <br />2009 -0922 <br />Zoning Abbr: <br />R -3 Census Tract: <br />Commerce Code: <br />ADD /ALT -RESIDENTIAL <br />Building Use: <br />SINGLE FAMILY- RESID. <br />Work Class: <br />ALTER /RENOVATE <br />LOCATION OF WORK: <br />4111 E Marietta St <br />APPLICANT: <br />RHOADS, <br />1657 N1 <br />DECAT <br />iffie 77 <br />electrical test taken by homeowner and he passed on 7/20/09 <br />CONTRACTORS <br />Building: Owner <br />Electrical: Owner <br />CONSTRUCTION COST: $15,000.00 PERMIT FEE: $50.00 <br />REQUIRED BY LAW ALL WORK MUST BE INSPECTED PRIOR TO BEING CONCEALED AND UPON COMPLETION <br />OF WORK. <br />The undersigned is the owner authorized agent of the described real property. <br />Signature of Applicant: <br />This permit is issued solely for the purpose set forth in the application approved on 7/20/2009 and is conditional upon strict <br />compliance with provisions of the Zoning Regulations and the Building code now in force. This construction permit is <br />subject to revocation upon any violations of the Zoning Regulations to the Building Code. <br />Credit Memos Used: <br />$0.00 <br />Fee Paid: <br />$50.00 <br />Fee Due: <br />$0.00 <br />Pay Type: <br />Cash <br />Receipt <br />1046430 <br />Application Date: <br />00 /00 /0000 <br />Issue Date: <br />7/20/2009 <br />Expire Date: <br />1/16/2011 <br />�perm i of S81id unless signed gThe Inspections Supervisor or designee) <br />Userid: RATHURMA Customer File Finance Book 11/22/2010 16:41 <br />BUILDING PERMIT Residential <br />CITY OF DECATUR, ILLINOIS <br />INSPECTION DIVISION <br />424 -2787 <br />